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June 2024

Monday, June 17, President Josh Crockett held an hour-long town hall style event for faculty, staff and retirees. Prior to this event, Dr. Crockett asked BJU employees and retirees for questions, concerns and suggestions they wanted him to consider. After reading all the feedback, he addressed the representative areas of concerns and questions including topics like the board, enrollment, student life and discipleship, and his vision for a reinvigorated chapel hour. Following this well-attended event, the employees and retirees enjoyed a reception hosted by Josh and Karie Crockett.

May 2024

On Tuesday, May 7, at 4 p.m. in Founders Memorial Amphitorium, the sixth president of Bob Jones University was announced to be Dr. Josh Crockett.

April 2024

In honor of our graduates and legacy families, each year the Alumni Relations Department hosts the Baccalaureate and Legacy events.

March 2024

As of March 1, nineteen current faculty members were confirmed as not returning for the 2024–25 academic year at Bob Jones University. Out of the nineteen, seven faculty members are retiring, and five have submitted their resignations.

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Exclusion of MLM and P2P Selling

As the Alumni Relations department at Bob Jones University, we prioritize integrity and transparency within our community. To maintain these values and ensure the best experience for all users, we are unable to list Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or Peer-to-Peer (P2P) links in the small business section of our Resource web page.

What does this mean?

  1. No MLM: We do not allow any business models that involve recruiting others into a hierarchical structure where compensation is based on the recruitment efforts of those below them rather than on actual sales or services.
  2. No P2P Selling: We do not support the direct selling of goods or services from one individual to another without proper oversight or regulation. This includes but is not limited to direct person-to-person sales, often conducted through social networks or other informal channels.

Why have we made this decision?

  • Protection of Users: We aim to protect our alumni from potential financial harm or exploitation that can be associated with MLM.
  • Maintaining Trust: By excluding MLM and P2P selling, we maintain the trust and credibility of our community, ensuring a safe and reliable environment for all participants.

If you come across any content or activity on our platform (including social media sites) that violates these guidelines, please report it immediately. Together, we can foster a community built on fairness, trust, and mutual respect.

Thank you for being a part of the BJU Alumni community.