2023 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients:
Bob and Bonnie Bixby

Bob Bixby graduated from the Institute of Christian Service in 1967 and  Bonnie graduated with a degree in Christian Education in 1969.  While attending BJU, they met at a local church and began dating.  In 1969, after Bonnie finished her degree, they were married and 9 days later were accepted with Baptist Mid Missions.

Both Bob and Bonnie were individually directed by God to give their lives to vocational ministry.  Bob, having spent his childhood years in New Mexico, was initially focused on mission work in Mexico.  But the Lord used various means to re-direct their steps away from Mexico and toward Central African Republic- one such means was in the form of people.  Eugene and Ernestine Rosenau along with Bruce and Wilma Rosenau met Bob and Bonnie through church and Baptist Mid Missions. In part through their encouragement, Bob and Bonnie began praying about missions in CAR.


In 1971, Bob and Bonnie along with their first-born son, Bob, left for French language school in Switzerland. While in Switzerland, their second son Daniel was born and by 1972, Bob and Bonnie were in CAR serving at the mission station alongside both Rosenau families.  While serving in CAR for 11 years, Bob and Bonnie juggled raising their 5 children (Donna, Johanna, and Tim were born in CAR) along with working in the Bible School, Bob preaching in churches, helping with the clinic and Bonnie doing literacy work in the school.


In 1983, the Lord led the Bixbys to Toulouse, France to work with a team of missionaries in a church plant. While in Toulouse, Bob went back to school, Bonnie was busy homeschooling their 5 children and both were faithfully involved in the church ministry whether it was preaching, teaching, mentoring, or organizing church-wide dinners every single Sunday.

Church planting and working with college students was a growing burden for Bob and Bonnie, so when the church in Toulouse became independent, they moved to Bourdeaux, France in 1991 and planted a church with only 2 other couples– very near a major university.  Along with a college ministry, they continued the hospitality ministry, hosting Sunday dinner at their home every week.  They continued their preaching and teaching ministry.  And they continued their one-on-one mentoring ministry.  For 26 years, they served faithfully together in Bordeaux.  On a regular Sunday in 2017, after serving the church in Bordeaux, the Lord took Bob Bixby home to be with Him.  And amid her grief and major life transition, Bonnie stayed. For almost 2 additional years, Bonnie stayed to provide support and stability for the church in Bourdeaux.


Now retired from the field, Bonnie continues to serve the current national pastor in Bordeaux.  She continues mentoring- both online for a young lady in the Bourdeaux church and in person with a young lady here in the States.  And she continues her trademark ministry with her family and her dedication to hospitality.  She simply continues to be faithful in her ministry to others.


When asked for a take-away from a life spent in vocational ministry, Bonnie stated, “there is no greater fulfillment in life than knowing you are where God wants you- it’s not about us, it’s about doing what God wants us to do.”  Bonnie also said, that if Bob were asked that same question, he would say what he often said. “We are pilgrims– travelers. So, don’t put your roots down so deeply that you can’t go where the Lord leads. ”

For a lifetime of faithfully following the Lord’s leading, for sacrificially serving, and for pursuing excellence in their calling to glorify the Lord, Alumni Relations at Bob Jones University is honored to present a 2023 Lifetime Achievement Award to Bob and Bonnie Bixby.


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