The Power of Gratitude

When Kayla Sulaiman graduated from BJU in 2018 with her masters in communication, she could not have predicted that her choice to work full-time in the Events office on campus would kickstart the domino effect of circumstances leading her to the Piedmont Women’s Center in Greenville, SC. One of Kayla’s mentors, Pam Cushman, encouraged Kayla to make the move to PWC because she believed Kayla would be closer to the center of God’s will for her life. During the complicated and difficult year that was 2020, Kayla’s husband David knew that it was time for her to make the switch. This display of support gave Kayla confidence as she chose to make this significant change at such an early stage in her career. PWC has two facilities situated right next to the Greenville Women’s Clinic, one of only two legal locations to receive an abortion in the entire state of South Carolina. Kayla and her team work constantly to provide expecting mothers with more than one choice concerning the life of their child. Kayla has learned that her choices matter, not only through her conversations with her team and PWC’s clients but also through circumstances in her own family. Shortly after starting the new job at the women’s clinic, Kayla’s sister-in-law Faith Sulaiman chose to end her own life, much to the surprise of many who knew her. Kayla finds reward and fulfillment in her role as the Director of Development for PWC. She spends the day interacting with PWC staff, volunteers, and donors, all of whom make the choice every day to support and love the clients that PWC serves. Kayla chooses to be grateful for the chance to impact everyone in her life with the love that Christ first showed her. She loves the team of women she works with at PWC and relishes the chances they get to show the love of Christ to their clients and community.

Kayla chooses to believe the best about God’s plan for her life. Whether experiencing clear direction for the next step in life or facing the confusing circumstances and pain of losing a close family member, Kayla is certain that God is in control. And for that, she is grateful.

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